Monday afternoons: 3:30-5pm   

Friday mornings: 9-10:15am

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$15 per class - student/senior rates - punch cards available below

all classes held at FloorSpace Studio • 1510 Zamia Ave. Boulder, CO 80304


Nancy first came to yoga in the 1970’s in high school.  She continued her own yoga practice and in naturopathic school also studied with a Tai Chi master.  While in Acupuncture school she took her first qigong classes.  Nancy has completed Ashtanga yoga teacher training with Richard Freeman in Boulder, CO in 2001.  Since 2002 she has been studying with the Liu family through Ling Gui International Healing Qigong School, and is a certified Ling Gui instructor.

Nancy brings her extensive background of these disciplines, as well as her experience as a practicing Naturopathic doctor and Acupuncturist to her teaching of qigong.  She thoroughly enjoys teaching and feels it is through group teaching and practice that her own life is healed and enriched.  Teaching and experiencing qigong is a co-creational process, benefiting all practitioners of qigong, yoga or tai chi-whether it is your first time experiencing qigong or you are a seasoned practitioner.  Qigong is the ultimate self-healing practice.

Qigong encompasses series of forms designed to heal the various systems in the body.   These are ancient and modern Chinese and Taoist/Buddhist exercises developed to move the energy, or qi and blood in the body to prevent disease and discomfort.  It is said that the exercises were specifically born out of a need for monks in monasteries, to help them be able to sit in meditation for hours.  Although we may not be using them for the same purpose, research shows that we can benefit from their effects on mind and body.

Turtle Qigong weekly classes are very practical and are appropriate for all ages and all levels. To get seasonal (4x/year) Turtle Qigong newsletters and occasional class/workshop schedule updates from Nancy, please press the sign up button below.