Welcome to the Boulder Naturopathic Clinic.  With over 30 years experience the Boulder Naturopathic Clinic offers a comprehensive and unique approach to healthcare.  Natural health care is utilized to treat many ailments and support the body to heal.  We strive to understand the whole person as a system, in order to support the function of the body as fully as possible.  We specialize in illness prevention and health optimization.

The field of medicine and health grows so much as we understand more about the human body through ongoing research of the brain, inflammation, genomics, the immune system and other areas. This can quickly change the ways we implement treatments and view health. As a doctor my job is to listen, research, and recommend ways to restore your health.  It is a co-creative process.  Together we will create a paradigm of health that will carry you to the next step on your healing journey.  I meet you where you are to help address issues you may be ready to tackle or change. This is challenging and rewarding.  I look forward to working with you!

With warm regards, 

Nancy A. Rao, ND, LAc